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The ITech Engineering Company, with the goal of operating and delivering an effective solution for the production of software based on the Web and Windows, has now established an order to fill inventory for traditional systems. The main activity of the company is to provide services for the design and production of web applications and windows. Implementation of web sites, online stores, intranet networks to organizations and companies.

Itech Co

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Design (corporate website | Web Store | news website | Website | corporate website | ideas)
SEO: SEO have standard all our projects and those who wish they will do SEO expert - programming, software development web - design and maintenance of networks

Web Design

Today, the main and perhaps the most motivated applicants for the design, inform the person, organization or company relevant information meant to introduce the history and background, objectives and prospects, introduce and sell products or services in the context of the Internet. Read More

Optimization Seo

Optimization (SEO), web design knowledge to raise its rating on the results. This means that all elements designed to increase your site ranking positions are made. Read More


With the evolution of technology more and more web-oriented software also has the tendency nowadays web-based applications are gradually replacing the previous models. This technology lets users the information they need at any time and from any location access. Read More


Itech In order to meet the needs of organizations for support of network infrastructure, relying on technical knowledge experts and its experienced, differentiated services and exceed expectations of customers in terms of support and maintenance of network software, network infrastructure, and support of computer equipment provided (ies). Read More

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Today, several companies in the field of web design services, programming, networking, SEO and similar services in the area of Internet activity

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In the meantime, relying on experts strove to implement your requests do.


We use the most up technologies, a management system native content designed so that in the first phase of the company's ability to prove and secondly by optimizing and simplifying is the system for drag and drop (Drag & Droup).


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